Saturday, September 4, 2010

Jelly Bean Tomatoes Growing Indoors

The one Jelly Bean tomato plant left in our indoor grow box is now growing laterally, as it has already reached the maximum height from the top shelf of the grow box.  It is also flowering and starting to set tomatoes.  Would these tomatoes be considered hot house tomatoes, even though they've never seen the light of day aside from the artificial lights inside the grow box?

Jelly Bean tomato plant in the grow box, with some basil in the background and cilantro in the foreground.

First Grow Box Tomato

More Tomato Flowers


The Apple Pie Gal said... that really a tomato plant in that light box?? :)

Dirt Lover said...

Well, very interesting! I think you are not the only one that is learning with your indoor grow box this year. Thanks for the lessons! Hey, how about a determinate tomato plant for this spot? Tomatoes are technically bi-annuals, I think, so I wonder how long it would live, and how many tomatoes it would give, compared with the tomato plants that are planted outside in the summer???

thyme2garden said...

The Apple Pie Gal - it really is!

* * * * *
Dirt Lover - yeah, we're thinking about growing some more compact tomato plant in the grow box next year. We don't have any seeds now, so we'll have figure out what to get. This plant isn't exactly thriving, as it's growing sideways and I'm sure it's stressed in there. But it's still fun to see that it's growing. :)

Prairie Cat said...

I am currently growing two types of container tomatoes - Patio and Tiny Tim. The patios are a larger tomato variety, and at only a foot and a half tall, already have 6 fruits the size of golf ball. The tiny tims are a cherry variety, and are already producing itty bitty fruits at less than a foot tall.

I have a few seeds of each kind left, and I'd be happy to share some with you if you think they would do well in your box!

thyme2garden said...

Prairie Cat - Thank you so much for your generous offer! Those tomatoes sound exactly like the smaller type that we should try to grow in our grow box. I'll send you an email. I'm also in the process of putting together my seed inventory list, and you're welcome to anything you might want from my stash!

Anonymous said...

It looks like you will be having some fresh home grown tomatoes all winter long!
I am very interested to see what will be the taste like, considering it never has seen the sun.

thyme2garden said...

vrtlarica - I'm still a bit skeptical about how productive this tomato plant is going to be, but I will wait and see!

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