Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Butt Peas

Are you all familiar with T9, the predictive text technology for mobile phones?  Because I still don't have an iPhone, blackberry, Droid or one of those other smartphones (I know, I know, how prehistoric of me), I have my simple phone set on T9 mode for texting.  It works fine for the most part, but I do have to watch out for some common words that have the same number combination.

For example, when I press 6-3 to type me, sometimes the phone automatically types of.  Other common confusing word pairs are: them-then; sun-run; go-in.  OK, you get the idea.

Anyway, I looked up the weather for Indianapolis this morning and saw that they were forecasting HOT (aka 90+ F degrees) for the rest of the week.  This made me really worry about the fall peas that I just sowed two weekends ago.  As I learned earlier this summer, peas do not fare well in the heat!  So I texted Keith to ask about the peas, but apparently my text went through like this:

"rear doing okay?"

Fortunately, Keith is familiar with my texts often containing random T9-generated words, so he knew right away that I was in fact asking about the well-being of the peas, and not his butt.  Because that would be weird.  And because we are a couple of adults in our early thirties who still appreciate junior high humor, the remainder of the text conversation quickly degenerated into something about playing with peas in the rear.  Awesome.

In case you're wondering, the peas have germinated and are reportedly putting on some height even in this heat.  I asked Keith to take a close-up of the rear.  I mean, the peas.

Sugar Snap Peas on 8/11/10 (Day 11)

From here on out, I shall call these peas, BUTT PEAS!  That sounds better than Rear Peas, don't you think?

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Robin said...

I think that's a good name :) I have to plant my snow peas...I mean snow rears this weekend!

Shawn Ann said...

I have my peas planted 2 hours south of you and quite hot as well. They have been doing fine. I could be totally wrong, but if they were flowering and putting on some peas, they might be less happy. But they are just vining up right now.

Dan Owen said...

That is too funny! Thanks!

thyme2garden said...

Robin - thanks for joining me on the "rear" bandwagon!

* * * * *
Shawn Ann - you might be right about the heat bothering larger plants more. I certainly hope the weather cools down before these seedlings get to the flowering stage!

* * * * *
Dan Owen - glad you enjoyed it!

Annie's Granny said...

Hmmmm....I thought everybody called them "butt peas". ;-)

Prairie Cat said...

Hey, I just made a post about my peas as well. Guess it's that time of the year.

I hope you have a great harvest of rears in your future?

thyme2garden said...

Granny - You are just way ahead of everyone else. :)

* * * * *
Prairie Cat - are you referring to pea-ing time? :-)

The Apple Pie Gal said...

Oh, that was GREAT! I laughed my pea off!

meemsnyc said...

LOL. I have to call them butt peas now too. I planted snow peas this week, and they are doing well despite the fact that we have 90+ weather all week.

Anonymous said...

That is funny story!
I don't like T9 option, as it always writes wrong words.
I hope your peas do well in the heat.

thyme2garden said...

Apple Pie Gal - I'm so glad you enjoyed it!

* * * * *
meemsnyc - that's great that your peas are doing well in the heat! Now all you need is some rain and you'll be all set!

* * * * *
vrtlarica - I do have my love-hate relationship with T9, but even with the wrong words, I still find it to be faster than the regular method of having to press each number multiple times to get to the letter I want, unless the letter I want is in the first spot. I hope our peas survive the heat, too. I can't fail both spring AND fall peas!

kitsapFG said...

I don't need t9 to make up whacky words. Sometimes my fat fingers do that all on their own when texting! LOL!

Just keep the peas really moist through the heat and they likely will do fine.

thyme2garden said...

kitsapFG - yup, that happens to me as well! Thanks for the tip on the peas. I really hope they survive this time.

The Idiot Gardener said...

I rarely use text. It always goes wrong, especially as many of my usual words aren't that common. I recently texted someone to tell them I thought they were a twat, and it changed it to teat, which didn't have the same impact. I then texted them back to tell them I meant to say twat, and it changed it to teat again. So I rang them up and shouted TWAT down the phone.

thyme2garden said...

The Idiot Gardener - I didn't even know what twat meant before I saw your comment. I do now, thanks to google.

Stefaneener said...

That's the kind of humor I can really get behind. . . He he he. I hope they continue to withstand the heat.

Heather@myeverydaygraces said...

Don't all conversations eventually go to the rear or is that just at my dinner parties?

The peas look good. It is hot here too. I replanted snow peas on a whim and they are actually producing and the shelling peas are all flowering... I am getting excited!

Angela said...

Peas don't seem to mind the heat when they are just starting. Hopefully in a month your weather will have cooled down and your peas will be happy makings pods.

Wendy said...

ha!! But rear peas is so much more mature than butt peas... I totally laughed out loud.

Wendy said...

you know, no T-9 for me. I'm so backwards but do have a blackberry. :) you reminded me of this e-mail server thing I had when I was teaching, many years back. My last name is hyphenated and I would often spell check really fast. For some reason, it would always want to change my name to "gangster". I've sent many an e-mail (mostly to the 8th graders I taught, but sometimes to their parents) as Ms. Gangster. The kids thought it was cool.

Ottawa Gardener said...

Ha! I laughed. I don't do texting but it makes sense that smart software sometimes second guesses wrong.

Enjoy your rears

thyme2garden said...

Stefaneener - Thank you, and I really hope they survive the heat, too!

* * * * *
Heather - your dinner parties sound like fun! How exciting that your snow peas and shelling peas are producing in this heat!

* * * * *
Angela - I hope you're right about our weather cooling down and peas making pods!

* * * * *
Wendy - I never claimed to be mature. :) And now I'm going to have to start thinking of you as Wendy the Gangster.

* * * * *
Ottawa Gardener - technology can only go so far, you know?

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