Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Pizza That Broke The Coffee Machine

Is it possible to break something in the kitchen without dropping it?  Well, I now know that it is.

I was making another pizza dough yesterday morning.  I had mixed all the ingredients in a glass bowl, and was shaping it into a dough in the same glass bowl.  Everything was coming together nicely.  I grabbed one end of the dough, folded it over, and dug the heel of my hand into the folded dough.  I repeated this a couple of times, and on the third folding, it happened.

I must have dug in with the heel of my hand a tiny bit too hard, because the force of my hand pushed the bowl (with the dough in it) about a foot across the counter, towards the coffee machine.  The glass bowl made direct contact with the glass carafe part of the coffee machine.  The glass carafe that was still half-full with coffee. 

What followed was definitely not one of my shining moments in the kitchen.  The carafe instantly shattered into pieces on impact, and the coffee gushed out of the broken carafe, spilling everywhere on the counter.

What the &$*% (#1).

After the mess was cleaned up, Keith and I drove over to Target to see if we could get a replacement carafe.  The coffee machine was a cheapie Mr. Coffee that Keith had paid $15 for at  We thought we could get a replacement carafe for pretty cheap.  Well, we thought wrong.  At Target, the same coffee machine was $17, and the replacement carafe was about $15.  What the &$*% (#2).

We ended up walking out of Target with a brand new coffee machine of a different brand.

And a toaster, because we didn't have one.

And a nice set of measuring spoons, because my plastic ones were falling apart.

And a pizza cutter, because Keith wanted one.

And a head of garlic - an impulse buy.

Lessons learned: 1) don't make pizza dough near the coffee machine; and 2) it's impossible to walk out of Target with just one item.

Here is a picture of the pizza that broke the coffee machine.  This time, I topped the pizza with turkey kielbasa, red onions, green onions (garden), Early Girl tomatoes (garden) and fresh basil/oregano/thyme (all garden).  Oh, and lots of garlic.  It was a delicious pizza, but I'm still wondering if it was worth the coffee machine sacrifice.  Oh well.


Anonymous said...

You must be one very strong lady, to push the bowl that hard.
The pizza looks extra delicious; I love how the cheese melts.

Engineeredgarden said...

Great looking pizza! My weakness is Lowes - I spend way too much in there...

Erin said...

I just said the same thing on my post the other day LOL, I stay away from there, I can never get out for less than $74

kitsapFG said...

Well the pizza looks delicious but it ended up being kind of spendy! LOL!

My wallet draining store seems to be Home Depot. We go in there for some wood or hardware for a project and always walk out with a new tool, cleaning supplies, or some other such thing.

thyme2garden said...

vrtlarica - I really didn't think I was pushing that hard, but apparently I did. Melty cheese is really one of my favorite foods.

* * * * *
Engineeredgarden - Thank you! We also have similar problems at Lowes, Menards, Home Depot, etc.

* * * * *
Erin - I totally know what you mean!

* * * * *
kitsapFG - I guess if I had to make a spendy pizza, it might as well be a delicious. Sigh... I don't know what it is about these home improvement stores, but they sure do make me feel like our home needs a lot of improving every single time!

Robin said...

Boy another beautiful pizza! We haven't had a home made pizza for about 3 weeks now!!

I really hate going shopping. "The Italian" does most of the shopping around here...he likes it!

Annie's Granny said...

That's why I bought one (actually 2, I have one in my AZ kitchen too) of these:

Too many glass carafes broken. Not by pizza, mind you, but various minor bumps that shattered them. LOVE my Hamilton Beach, and the coffee stays fresh tasting for hours. No more broken glass.

The pizza looks delish! I made a taco pizza this week, using my bread machine for the dough, and it was fabulous. No shoving dough across the counter, either ;-)

Shawn Ann said...

I like the look of your crust, as well as the rest of the pizza, but are you using a recipe? I'd like to try it!

meemsnyc said...

Wow, that pizza looks awesome! Have you found the pizza yeast? Sorry to hear about the coffee carafe mess. Target is a hard store to not spend like crazy. That and home depot are my weaknesses. Whenever I see a sad looking plant on the clearance rack at home depot, I always have to buy it. LOL.

thyme2garden said...

Robin - thank you! If you're keeping track of how long it's been since you had your last homemade pizza, then you must have them fairly often. That Italian of yours sounds like a real keeper!

* * * * *
Granny - I should have talked to you first before buying yet another coffee machine with a glass carafe! Thanks for the link, that looks like a great idea for a coffee machine, to do away with the carafe altogether. Hmm, taco pizza, you're giving me ideas for the next pizza...

* * * * *
Shawn Ann - the crust is a thin crust pizza, and we really like it! I used a pizza crust recipe from smitten kitchen, here's the link:

* * * * *
meemsnyc - last time I was at the grocery store, I totally thought of you and looked for the pizza yeast, and found it! I'll try it next time, but I still had regular yeast left over, so I used it for this pizza dough. I didn't even know Home Depot had a clearance rack for plants, now I will have to look for it. I'm kinda wishing you didn't tell me about it... :)

Dan Owen said...

That is one awesome pizza! All the more so because of the diet I have been on. I would love to hear how you make one of these. Do you use a recipe from a book or is it one of your own design?

Anonymous said...

Yummy! Sorry about the coffee pot. They make Pyrex bowls with a small rub ring on the bottom that helps prevent sliding.

Jessica V.

Anonymous said...


Martha said...

I love home-made pizza, and yours looks very good. I don't know if it was worth the new coffe maker, but you picked up a lot of other items as well. So was it worth the special trip to Target, perhaps?

thyme2garden said...

Dan Owen - thank you! I don't know if you're on a specific type of diet, or just a general "eat healthier and lose weight" diet, but I can imagine this pizza fitting into a lot of diets. It's a pretty thin crust pizza, so less carbs than pan pizza, and if you go easy on cheese and meat toppings, you can easily cut back on the fat. I use a recipe for the crust (see my previous comment for this post), and throw on whatever toppings I have on hand. I can email you more directions if you'd like, or I might just do a detailed post on pizza making next time I make one.

* * * * *
Jessica V - thanks for letting me know about the pyrex bowls with rubber rings! That's an ingenious idea that could've easily prevented my accident. I didn't see anything like that when I bought my pyrex bowls, but I'll be on the lookout.

* * * * *
Martha - thank you! You're right, all the other items I got were needed, and I almost never regret a trip to Target. :)

Wendy said...

oooh, but what look at what wonderful things came from this! I bet that pizza was amazing.

thyme2garden said...

Wendy - the pizza was really really good. I don't know how I went for this long without making my own pizza.

xoxoxo said...

This just inspired me to try making dough for my first time!
The accident may have been caused by this piece of direction: Flour for dusting counter
Good luck on the next one!

thyme2garden said...

xoxoxo - I hope your first time dough making is successful! I would agree with about the flour, except that I hadn't put any flour down on the counter yet. I think I just had a case of slippery hands/bowl/countertop, or bad pizza luck. :-)

mahesh said...

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