Saturday, August 7, 2010

Indoor Grow Box Update - Nasturtium

Here's a quick peek at one of my garden experiments.  My garden experiments may be rather unscientific, usually with a sample size of just one, but I'm still having a lot of fun playing garden scientist in my own backyard.

Nasturtium growing in our indoor grow box

Nasturtium growing outside

What a difference a grow box makes, eh?  I think it's just been too hot outside for the nasturtium plants, even though I put them in a place with some shade in the afternoon.  I've never grown this flower before, so I don't know if they are supposed to be grown in full sunlight.

Speaking of sunlight...

With daytime temperature hovering over 105 degrees F every day in Texas this week, I just melted every time I went outside. It was just so HOT.  I was so happy to return to Indiana last night, and I'm looking forward to some sub-90 degrees "cool" weather here this weekend.  I might even do some work in the garden!


~Holly~ said...

Looking good with the grow box! Congrats!

thyme2garden said...

Thanks Holly! Hope you're having a good weekend in the PNW!

Dan Owen said...

I've had mixed results with Nasturtiums also. They seem to start off OK and then get a little stringy looking as they age. I love the flowers, however as they look great in a salad!

Anonymous said...

If I didn't see it here, I wouldn't believe that nasturtium can grow better indoors. This is very interesting experiment.
I have sowed my nasturtiums in April. They are in full sun and they like it there. Perhaps small plants don't like too much direct sun and heat.

thyme2garden said...

Dan Owen - I decided to grow nasturtiums after I learned that the whole plant - flowers and leaves - is edible. I can't wait for the flowers to appear, so I can EAT them! :)

* * * * *
vrtlarica - I'm so glad you think so! We constantly amuse ourselves with things that grow in the grow box (just vegetables, I promise), but it's nice to know that some of our readers also find our experiment interesting. You might be right about the size of plants and sun tolerance. Hmm, more to experiment with later...

meemsnyc said...

Wow!! The grow box ones look great! Nice!

thyme2garden said...

meemsnyc, thank you!

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